Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 301 - 27th October 2013 - Adventures in Pubnico - Gulls, Great Blue Herons, Song Sparrows and Berries

Going to be a very long day as I'm up way too early for a Sunday morning, or any other morning for that matter. It's rained during the night and seems we will get some more with clearing later today. Temperature is +9.1 so plenty mild. That means I can clean through more of my photos or do housework (there's always tomorrow for that!) We still have more beets and tomatoes to process for the freezer - the garden never ended this year. Most things did really well, but a few things didn't. Larry and Lexi will probably go for a good run later. With deer hunting on, it's hard to get her out other than around the hood for exercise these days. And she likes a little open space to go wide open.
Had a marvelous Saturday.  I got nothing done around the house and we took off and headed to Pubnico mid morning.  We were more adventurous this time and went down some side roads then drove down to where the Wind Turbines are located. Some nice trails along the shore - lots of Song Sparrows and Gulls on our travels. We were both hungry by 1:30 and headed over to Dennis Point Cafe for a late lunch. I had the haddock and clams, Larry had haddock and shrimp. They were both excellent and I had to bring part of mine home. Back to Shelburne and groceries - ugh - Sobeys was like a mad house, but I did get 2 big bags of flour on sale so that will be great for winter bread making and Christmas baking, and a bonus 7 cents off gas. Love savings!
 2nd year Herring Gull.
 2nd year and adult Herring Gulls.
 Great Blue Heron - I'm guessing the pond he was standing next too has fish in it.
 The red berries were beautiful out under the Wind Turbines, I should have picked some for decorating.
 A few of the wind turbines.
 Cormorants and gulls.
 More red berries.
 Song Sparrow - good little fellow and posed for me, there were a lot of them.
 Greater Yellow Legs.
 And a huge group of gulls!

Enjoy your day!

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