Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 286 - 12th October 2013 - Morning Sky, Misty, Robin and White Breasted Nuthatch

Morning came too early again today for me - 4 am. It's certainly mild out, +12, gently breeze and the stars are all out. So why am I not still in bed asleep. No housework until Tuesday then I start in with some purging and cleaning. Might do a little baking this morning - want to try some pumpkin whoopie pies. I think we'll head out after that and see what we can find for birds, but can't quite decide what direction to go. Duck hunting season has opened so guess that may have some effect on what we find or how skiddish the birds are around the shores. After supper we'll head down to the park and visit the gang - it's the last week of camping. We might stop during the day they have the fall festival going on - mostly kids stuff but might be worth a few pictures. Truthfully I'm planning a lazy weekend.
Another fabulous Friday - weather turned out warm and sunny although very cool in the mornings. Sometimes I think the sounds of the morning are almost as beautiful as the sights. I can hear the rooster and sheep up the road, a loon on the lake, an owl, the chatter of other birds as I walk along although I may not see them.  Misty on the lake once again but not as much as Thursday. The day went well, got things done that I wanted and had a great lunch at the Beandock with the bestie. Decided to hit the grocery store on the way home and get that chore over with - long weekend and it was busy. Leftovers for supper and then an exciting Friday night cooking up pumpkin.  Hubby was good enough to do the hard work of cutting it for me.
Streaks of pink through the sky as the sun was breaking.
 Mist over the lake with a hint of the sun coming around the cove.
 The ducks had arrived in the mist.
 The sky was fabulous.

 There were about 20 Robins getting their breakfast.

 It began to get brighter.

There were two White breasted Nuthatches chattering away through the trees.

Enjoy your day!

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