Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 293 - 19th October 2013 - Mushrooms, Fog and Max

Stars are out and it's quite bright this morning even though it's still dark. Maybe that doesn't' make any sense. Guess it will be a day of more cleaning, Larry's working so we won't be off on an adventure today. Lexi and I might just have one in the hood. Maybe if it doesn't rain too much or too long tomorrow we can buzz somewhere. Might just roam a few spots I've not really investigated thoroughly in the hood today. Never know what I might find.
Didn't get much walking in yesterday. One of those rainy, overcast days good for being inside and tackling the purging and cleaning - 2 rooms down, too many more to do. I just pace myself. I have discovered it's time to call it a day when I'm looking at things and thinking - oh yeah that's ok instead of tossing it. I even threw out a few pairs of shoes - well they were worn out and you just can't keep them for the memories! So kind of a boring day, but good for me. Lexi likes to supervise, she lays on the spare bed and rolls her eyes. Leftovers for supper and a wasted evening - unlike my grandmother I did no knitting, just watched tv and played on the laptop. Full moon last evening - the hunter's moon my neighbour tells me. It was shining bright in the sky.
Before the rain - the road is littered with leaves and pine spills.
 This was a cool little mushroom - such a nice shade of chocolate.

 Another foggy day.
 Max - he just kind of visits from neighbour to neighbour even though he has his own home.
The lake is covered in spills and leaves too.

Enjoy your day!

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