Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 276 - 2nd October 2013 - Leaves, Rope and Apples

Yes it's Wednesday and my day off. Turkey soup, homemade brown bread rolls are on my to do list, plus some laundry and the ever dreaded housework. Another mild morning, +11.1. It's so dark and foggy you can just barely see a few stars in the sky. Lexi and I will roam the hood some today - it's been a while, not sure what we'll find. Haven't seen any warblers in well over a week, so it will probably be  mushrooms and leaves today but you never know what may pop up.
Well I had a good first day of October on Tuesday. Things went along fine, my boss came in and gave me a hand reorganizing some things. A researcher in the afternoon and I made a bit of headway on research I've been doing and would really like to get finished by Friday and off in the mail. Didn't rain until we were on our way home, and you know the moment you open the truck door to go into the house it just breaks out of the heavens! Yup we were wet.  Lovely fried haddock for supper, can't go wrong with fish in my mind. A lazy evening.
 A lovely country road - fallen leaves are gathering on the ground, hints of color among the trees.
 My favourite are the bright reds.
 Each day there is a bit more color.
 This fellow startled me.
 Rope around posts.
 I wish they would soon pick these apples, I'm so tempted to bite into one.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hmmm gotta tell ya those apples are looking pretty darn good!!