Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 295 - 21st October 2013 - Leaves, Leaves and Geese

Monday morning, I slept in - what a great feeling. Temperature is +4.3, the moon and the stars are all out. Larry's off to work early and I didn't even hear him, Lexi thinks it's too soon to get up and she's gone back to bed.  Going to be  a sunny day. I should get back to the purging and cleaning but they are giving showers for the next few days so I might take advantage of the weather and spend some time outside. Exercise class tonight, Cindy is back so I guess we will be hurting.
Well Sunday wasn't too bad of a day. Rained a bit but not a lot and cleared off fairly  early in the afternoon. I spent most of the day cleaning through my photographs on the computer, added over 10 GB of memory so you know I cleared quite a few. Oh there was the laundry but really the washer and dryer do most of the work, not like I'm using a scrub board. Got two big pumpkins cooked up, mashed and strained. Remind me next year to read this post when I think or Larry suggests cooking up pumpkin is a good idea! Larry got beets done up too for the freezer. After supper he mowed the lawn, hopefully for the last time this season. I did get out for a jaunt around the hood, but it was pretty quiet. All I saw were leaves and pine spills blowing around. Must have picked up a hornet on my jacket and brought it in the house. I went to brush something off my collar and I was stung! What a friggin' nasty thing that was and it hurt for a long time.
 Not a lot of new things in the hood to take photos of but there is still some color left.
 A few weeds left on the side of the road.
 The path through the woods is covered now.

 Blue skies were coming through.
Leaves on the lake.

 This is one of my favourite views in the morning when the sun is lighting it.
The Canada Geese feeding on Cape Sable Island on Saturday.

Enjoy your day!

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