Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 281 - 7th October 2013 - Leaves, Lake, Birds and Hydrangea

Back to the grind, Monday we meet again. Temperature has gone back up, +11.1 this morning. Some rain in the forecast. Going to be a very busy week - my last regular work week, then I'm laid off. Truthful I'm ready for a break of some sort. Slept well last night - roaming the hood does that for me.  Exercise class tonight - wonder what devilish things Cindy has planned for us.
Certainly can't complain about the weather we are having, Sunday was gorgeous. The leaves are getting prettier every day all though a lot are falling. We didn't go too far - Larry spent most of the day in the woodpile, good news he's almost done for this year. I puttered around the house and the hood. Cooked a ham with loads of veggies from the garden. Tried one of Larry's new squash - grey ghost, very tasty but I don't think worth extra money for the seeds. I'm just as happy with buttercup or butternut. Still some beets and carrots in the garden. A frost won't bother those so no urgency in getting them, although I've got to tackle some more tomatoes this week - they are ripening in the house and very quickly now.
 You really can't get much nicer than this view.

Not sure why some oak leaves are red and some are yellow.
 I always think of a Monet painting when I see the soft fuzzy colors of the tree reflections in the lake.
The wild asters are still pretty and a few insects are still around, including mosquitoes!

 The red are my favorite.
Lots of chickadees around.
 I took a stroll around Lois' - love this variety of Hydrangea.

Hermit Thrush is still hanging out.

Enjoy your day!


  1. My first time here.. love the pictures and the blog. Will be returning for sure. :)