Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 289 - 15th October 2013 - Cobwebs, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Ducks, Lake and Woodpecker

I'm not seeing a great day in my forecast, have been up since 2 am. Temperature is +5.2 but will probably drop. Hopefully I'll sneak a nap on the sofa later and that will revive me somewhat. Have a meeting tonight and would be nice to be awake or somewhat alert during it. Guess I'll start the fall cleaning today - this year I'll work from top to bottom, so spare bedroom is where I begin. Also a good time to put the summer clothes away and purge through those. If it hasn't been warn, no point in keeping it. I am really due for a trip to Frenchy's though to pick up a few things - maybe new jeans. Lexi and I will roam the hood as is our normal day and I get a trip or two on my own. One of the neighbours stopped me yesterday and jokingly asked if I was the hood security.
Monday was another spectacular day, once the sun came out and warmed up. Thick fog early when I went for my walk but I still enjoy that time of the day best. Had to wear my gloves on the first walkabout, fingers were so cold and it's hard to feel the shutter button. The day didn't go quite as planned - couldn't find my little shovel to put my bulbs in with, so didn't get those done. Heard a loud bang just before 1 pm and the power went out - another suicidal squirrel. So the power trucks were called out to fix my 5 minute problem, felt bad but they assured me they had eaten their Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday and were on call. Then we had a little water problem but Larry got everything sorted out when he came home from work. Stir-fry for supper over pasta and a lazy evening.
 Lots of webbing around in the morning.

 A little brightness through the fog.
 Just enjoying the morning sun.
 A new little one for me - Golden-crowned Kinglet.
 I caught him a little later too.
 Lake was nice and calm.
 Mallards on their way out.
Hairy Woodpecker, I think.

Enjoy your day!

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