Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 304 - 30th October 2013 - Frost, Chickadees, Robins and Squirrels

Wednesday has rolled around again. Off to do some errands, and volunteer work today. Perhaps I'll roam around a hood in town. That's most likely where I will have my best chance of catching a Cardinal since we never have those in the woods. I'm up a little too early this morning but not bad, temperature is the lowest yet this season at -3.3.
Another sunny but very chilly day. I should have built a fire in the furnace early in the afternoon but I put it off til after supper. Went for my walk and wore mitts and a hat, heavy frost everywhere. Guess that's the end of summer! Winter won't set in though until the "Swamps are full" but that may happen soon as we have rain in the forecast for a few days. We are crawling in the month of November, just a few more days. Time to think about Christmas shopping. The wind died out after supper and it was as calm as the day had started. I did get the main drag spruced up yesterday - living room, kitchen etc.
Dipped in white.

When I walk through the woods all I can here is the crunch of leaves beneath my feet.

 So it was quiet on our walks today - Chickadees and Robins.
 This guy was plucking berries for breakfast.
 Of course we have activity in the yard. The Sunflowers seem to be fair game now for the Squirrels and the Blue Jays.
 If I didn't know how much trouble he could cause, I'd think he was really cute.
Anyway, Lexi and I were well entertained.

Enjoy your day!

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