Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 288 - 14th October 2013 - Sunrise, Canada Geese, Squirrel and Leaves

Monday morning - but I'm not complaining today, I'm home. I slept til 5:30 am and feel so much better. Some people are still home, it's one of those kind of holidays - banks, schools, government are closed but not everyone. Temperature is the lowest this morning that it's been, +1.8, probably will drop a bit more just before daylight. Larry's off to work - he has some things to get underway so thought he would go. Lexi and I will roam the hood, do some laundry, etc and I have some flower bulbs that need to be planted. Today we won't strain ourselves. Tomorrow will be the day the cleaning and purging begins.
Well yesterday was indeed a day to be thankful. Simple things are sometimes the best, like seeing our four Canada Geese babies who were born early this summer return for a good bye before moving on to winter grounds - or maybe just a nice golf course in New York. They have grown so big, I almost didn't recognize them. Their parents, Kate and William have set them on their own path. Ah, to dream about spring on long winter nights and their return to the lake once again. I'm thankful that the neighbours sleep in on Sunday mornings and don't catch me roaming the hood in my pj's and flashlight waiting for the sun to rise and most of all I am thankful for family and friends. What more can a girl ask for. As always my Mom out did herself with Thanksgiving dinner and we left full of turkey and cheesecake. Took a detour on the way home. Holidays bring out memories and we drove down an old, very rough road to a lake that neither of us had been to in probably 40+ years. Funny how you remember things differently. We both agreed that the old house looked much smaller than it used to, it's no longer usable (just a shell), but the view and surrounding area is still spectacular. I hope the owners down mind that we trespassed.
 Soft shades of pink on the misty lake.
 Our youngsters are all grown up.
 We've been here 26 years and no one remembers a nesting pair of Canada Geese, hopefully these youngsters, their mates and parents return next spring.
 The squirrels are numerous and busy this time of year gathering up acorns.
The road is wearing it's fall coat of leaves and pine spills. Soft, yet crunchy underfoot.
 There are still some punches of color.
 Part of the views at Harper's Lake.
Saw a few chickadees, song sparrows and of course a hermit thrush.

Enjoy your day!

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