Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 355 - 20th December 2013 - Snowflakes and Birds

Friday and the end of the work week for many and I think the last day of school as well. Temperature is -4.5, not as cold as Thursday. Off to Yarmouth today for sure. Started a list last night so I can keep focused and not get flustered and frustrated with the stores and crowds. It also helps stay within budget.  I'm leaving Larry home to tend the fire and continue cleaning out the front room.
A home day yesterday. I did finish packing up the tins. So that was off my list. Laundry, floors, etc. Casserole thrown together for supper. Larry was out from underneath my feet for most of the day. I've discovered that Lexi is less problems with out him. I don't know she's around when it's just the two of us. We did have some good romps through the woods - I could feel those leg muscles working as we broke through the snow and I got caught once in a drift that was deeper than I thought. Did I mention that was with my PJ's on. That's what happens to the vertically challenged! Larry spent the evening cooking and shelling out lobsters while I went to exercise class.
Grandmother's Journal:
20th Dec 1974: Started snowing early on my way to work. Snowed, hailed, rain more snow. Sun came out. But mostly overcast. Bob and Tom to MC. Kim came to stay all night. Jimmie not coming home for Xmas.
21st Dec 1974: Bob, Bobbie off to woods early. No cat tracks. Mike got 2 rabbits. Over cast all day, some snow on the ground. Kim here.
22nd Dec 1974:  Overcast with some sun. Not much wind. Kim still here. Down to Catherine's for lobster dinner. Lovely. To the Sunday School.  Kim & Anne sang together. 
It was a snowflake day.
 When they were soft and light and you could almost distinguish each flake.

 The lake is frozen and covered in snow.
 I remember last winter I had quite a fascination with trying to capture snowflakes - guess it's back!
 A new one for me - flying over - Rough-legged Hawk.
 Quite sure he's a Male Hairy Woodpecker.
 First time in a long time I've cut anyone's head off - but the wings were just so interesting.
 He seems proud.
 There were at least 30 Goldfinches around.
And the Red-wing Blackbirds were back too.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. "Kim here...Kim still here" love grandmother's journal and that you got to spend so much time with her. some kf this birds are growing on me. I like the woodpecker and hawk. I saw an eagle here the first of the week and the geese have congregated again having some sort of a convention.