Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 365 - 30th December 2013 - Ice, Chickadees and Squirrel

I am alive and awake ... I think. Just got up after being in bed for almost 12 hours. That might have helped, although why I'm still yawning is beyond me. Temperature is +2.8, guess the storm must have passed by us throughout the night. I see they are forecasting rain changing to drizzle this morning for our fair area. Have no idea what is happening with us today but I'm thinking I will continue to lay low and get rid of this bug before it gets me too much.
I started out pretty good except was sneezing periodically and had a scratchy throat but after lunch I just felt miserable. The cold chills started and my stomach was off kilter. So probably it's a bug that's going around. Every other person you talk to they've had it or just gotten over it. Lets hope it doesn't last long, I have no patience for this. I spent most of the afternoon and evening on the sofa reading, dozing. I did have the comfort of Nurse Lexi. Now no other dog can be more concerned or caring, she knows when I head to the sofa and get the throw to put over me I'm obviously not feeling great. So I'm given at least 2 of her toys to keep me company then she crawls up and snuggles in to keep me warm and watch over me.
Water pocket in the cranberry ditch.
A few of the grasses weren't beat down by snow and rain, still hold there heads up.
Don't fool yourself, the lake is not safe to be on, those are rotten patches.
I love this old rotten tree - a home for birds come spring, perhaps.
Saw him Saturday but couldn't get a pic, but I did yesterday. I just don't think he should be around this time of year.
Lots of Chickadees everywhere.
They are so darn cute, wish they could stay out of the feeders.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hope you feel better soon Kim. I still have a cough but am sleeping well.
    Yesterday my feeders were full of chickadees and goldfinch. Such a joy to watch. I'm not sure what brought them all here yesterday but I loved every second.

  2. I hope this comment finds you feeling better....I see you couldn't resist a picture of the nuisance lol. I am hard at work or hardly working lol actually have completed alot byt have some stuff to do in the am "bring on month end"