Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 339 - 4th December 2013 - Raindrops, Birds and Grasses

Here we are back to Wednesday, another mild day - temperature is +5. When I look at the weather forecast all I see is showers, showers, showers. Am getting tired of the wet weather and dreariness. A little sunshine wouldn't go amiss! So it's my town day - a few errands, little volunteer work and hoping to do that in peace and quiet. I only have a few more weeks of volunteer work then I'll take a break over the holidays.
Another dull and grey day. Temperatures were mild, didn't really begin raining til afternoon. Once it started there was no stopping it. I continued with the baking - sugar cookies and shortbread. Some I'll freeze and decorate in a few weeks.  A few more decorations up around the house. Mostly snow globes which I seem to have quite a few of. Always nice to haul them out and shake them up, remembering who gave them to me.
 Always a few Woodpeckers around these days.
 White-breasted Nuthatch chowing down.
 The water has risen over the last few days.
 Playing around with some editing - it's kind of fun sometimes.
 Rain drops and Bubbles.
 Another rodent!
 More raindrops.
I had quite a few Goldfinches at the feeders yesterday.

Enjoy your day!

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