Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 345 - 10th December 2013 - Snowy Owl, Sky, Snow and Birds

Feeling pretty good this morning, slept in some so guess I better get at things. Temperature is mild at +1.1. Chance of showers or flurries - sounds like another grey day. Today I'll do up some of the stuff from yesterday's list - Christmas cards, housework and hopefully if the weather breaks, a good roam through the hood.
Well Monday didn't quite work out the way I planned. I ended up at the Dentist in Barrington - thank you, thank you for have an available appointment. My tooth or the throbbing in my face continued to get worse and I thought why put it off till I've screwed myself up around the holidays. You know the food is important! She was an excellent Dentist and her assistant was just as good. So tooth out - relaxing afternoon, problem solved!  You know I couldn't leave the area without looking for that Snowy Owl again, so I convince Larry to detour to Baccaro. It was really cold and windy, but I was able to shoot one from the truck. He wouldn't let me go crawling and creeping, which was smart and the Dentist had suggested it wasn't a good idea. I did get out by the Lighthouse and saw another one but it was in the distance so I took just a few shots.
 I'm getting closer each time I find them!
 And off he flew.
 You could tell by the sky there was a weather system on it's way.
 You can see another Owl in the fore ground among the rocks.

The surf was pretty rough.
We made it home before it started snowing. The Jays weren't too happy.

The Red-winged Blackbird was waiting for the Squirrel to vacate the feeder so he could have a turn.

Enjoy your day!

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