Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 342 - 7th December 2013 - Chickadees, Grey Skies, Grasses and Wreath

Up a little earlier than planned, but maybe that's a sign I will get lots done today. Feel like I'm falling behind just a bit.  We probably all feel that way this time of year and then Poof - Christmas is here and everyone forgets what they didn't get done. Works for me, but there are still some things on my list that really need to be finished so the sooner the better. One is to get a parcel ready and off early next week. So Lexi and I will be off around the hood and I'll be in the kitchen. Need to finish up the decorating and get the wrapping under control. Maybe it's a good thing I got up early.
Some of the my plans got changed yesterday which was a nice thing. I did some baking in the morning - "turtle fudge", which wasn't bad but I probably won't do it again and chocolate chip cookies.  The chocolate chip cookies are just the regular weekly batch not among the Christmas baking. Had a gift certificate stashed away for Charlotte Lane Cafe, so we went to town had lunch and then did grocery shopping. We had the lunch specials - salad and chowder, then split a piece of peanut butter pie. It was good. By the time we got home it had pretty well stopped raining so I took a quick scoot around the hood. Pretty quiet, not much happening - a chat with a neighbour and then home again. Larry made me a lovely  wreath for the door, now to find the hanger for it and some ribbon for a bow. Both I'm sure I have somewhere around the house.
 An Oak Gall floating around in the flooded woods.
 I think this little Chickadee is saying his prayers.
 Not a welcoming view.
Poor Blue Jay looks a little wet and shaggy.

 I like the tangled and swirling grasses.
Neighbour's have a nice wreath up.

Enjoy your day!

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