Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 349 - 14th December 2013 - More Snow, Birds and the Lake

 Another very cold morning, temperature is -14.3.  I'm up a little later (6 am), the girls had me out late last night. The big red "Winter Storm Warning In Effect" bar is across the Environment Canada Weather site this morning. I got Larry to go through our tote box with the lanterns, candles etc (my power outage War Chest) to see if anything needed to be recharged etc. Also got him to charge up his phone too. Have water in containers too. So this storm is suppose to be for Sunday, they've been talking about it for several days, although I'm not sure if they really know what we will get. There is a lot of snow on the trees now which will cause issues if we get more and freezing rain/ice pellets. Time will tell. Today will be groceries and a little more baking.
Friday the 13th started off with lots of snow and no internet. The snow finally stopped for a good portion of the day, started up again, late afternoon. Housework and then more baking. Did up a tray to take to our Exercise Christmas Party - ok say nothing, we worked hard all year a little sugar never hurt anyone. Had a great supper at Charlotte Lane and then back to the gym for laughs and exercise.  It was  cold on my walks yesterday. Finally got some good photos of the White-throated Sparrow while I was stalking Lois' feeders. I thought for sure the Evening-Grosbeaks would be around yesterday since it had turned colder but no go.
Always pretty looking through undisturbed paths of snow.
We got more snow!

 The lake is frozen over but not safe I'm sure yet to be on it.

 The White-throated Sparrow.
 He likes to hide among the branches of this tree.

 The Pine Warbler was still around.

The red berries look like they've shriveled up.

Blue sky over the lake, it was pretty by lunch time.

Enjoy your day!

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