Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 341 - 6th December 2013 - Woodpeckers, Juncos, Goldfinches and Reflections

The week goes by so fast, here we are at Friday already and the weekend around the corner. Doesn't mean much to me these days since I'm hope anyway. Temperature is mild at +9.1, suppose to be a wet day then cooling with some flurries tomorrow.  Back to the kitchen again today. Won't be great for walking so that will be on a need to go basis.
Am beginning to feel like I'm in a version of the movie Groundhog Day - every day I cook and clean. Ah well, will soon have most of it done. I've been taking it pretty slow this year and not doing the marathon baking that usually throws my back out of wack. It was a beautiful day yesterday, Lexi and I took advantage of it and grabbed an extra couple of walks. Got the first batch of liquored up cherries done and a batch of cathedral windows.
Grandmother's Journal: 
5 Dec 1974 - 1st Bridge Club at Ruth Browns. Had a good time. Bob working at MC. Cold night, not much wind. 
6 Dec 1974 - Lovely winter day. Cold. Sunny. Bob to MC. Mum and I drove around. 
7 Dec 1974 - Beautiful day, much warmer. Bob, Mike and Sid to MC, set rabbit snares. Bobbie trapping. Went shopping in afternoon and evening. 

 Couldn't get at the right angle to capture them nicely, but you can see both the Female (top) and Male (bottom) Downy Woodpeckers.
 Now this was a prettier view than what we've seen lately!
 There were even blue skies in the swamp water.

 The Goldfinches seemed to be finding some snacks in the lilac bush.
 Our neighbourhood Junco with the white wing feathers.
 Sometimes you can get really close to the Woodpeckers.
 And this little rodent wasn't shy today either.

Enjoy your day!

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