Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 361 - 26th December 2013 - Birds, Snow and Clouds

Brrr, it's a cold morning, temperature is -8.2. So we are suppose to have some snow flurries or a bit more and rain maybe. One of these days that you have options depending on where you are. Hoping to get out today for a good long walk. Will tidy up the house some, just things scattered around from opening gifts yesterday and maybe read for a while. I think a lazy day could be in order.
We had a lovely Christmas - ate way too much but that's truly the best part of it - the food and family. Lots of wonderful gift, was truly blessed in the birding department with new bird books for both of us and Larry built me a Swallow house and a Wood duck nesting box. As we have for many years we went to my parents for Breakfast and watched them open their gifts and then back again late afternoon for the Turkey meal. Somewhere in between I munched on chocolates and since Mom had extra dressing I spirited that home and snacked on some in the evening. So I'm thinking if I plan on fitting into my clothes I best get some exercise going on. Oh well the holidays only happen once a year.
The Evening Grosbeaks are regular morning visitors now.
 So after consulting our new bird books we've decided these are all female Red-winged Blackbirds. Eight females and two males are coming quite often now.
 Every few days the Starlings stop in, but don't stay a really long time.
 Ice in the ditches again with just a layer of snow over top.
 This little Goldfinch let me get quite close to him today.
 Some dark clouds over the lake, flurries every once in a while.
 Always a few Chickadees around.
The sun stayed mostly behind the clouds.

Enjoy your day!

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