Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 351 - 16th December 2013 - Storm, Birds and a Wreath

Here we are at Monday again, the weekend is over and the workweek begins. It's definitely milder this morning, temperature is -1.4 but looks like the wind chill will make it feel much colder today. I put the back door light on to check out the weather - not doing anything but it looks like we had a few flurries overnight. Watch where you walk, it's probably slippery under foot. I had forgotten this is the part of winter I really dislike - the ice. Have no idea what will get done today. Might try tackling the tree, get that in and up. Hopefully today will be better to get out for some pics and a walk around the hood.
Well we had our storm yesterday, not exactly what we thought. Maybe we just got off easy with that one. Never hurts to spend a little time getting prepared, that's almost a guarantee the power won't go out. It did snow hard and blew, but I don't think the ice pellets/freezing rain lasted very long before it turned to straight rain. So for me it was a day spent inside, puttering around, tidying up, wrapping a few more gifts and sorting things out. I even found some time to read for awhile. Larry on the other  braved the elements, raked the roofs and shoveled the driveway.
 A brave little Junco.
 I felt bad for the birds it was so miserable out.
 Even the Starlings.
 And the Blue Jays.
This was our morning view.
The Chickadee has a good grip on that branch.

Had to find a little color to add to an otherwise colorless day.

Enjoy your day!

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