Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 363 - 28th December 2013 - Snow, Lighthouse, Gulls and Ducks

Thanks for all the wonderful input folks, seems like I will continue - what else have I really got to do at 5 am in the morning :) .  Well it's another cold morning, temperature is -8.9. No rhyme or reason to the weather that's for sure. Guess it's going to warm up, looks like we are in for a few days of mild weather and rain.  No fun there. Have no idea what we'll do today, might be a day to stay home, Larry said something about putting more wood in the basement and I could do a few things around the house. I'm itching to soon put things away and get the house back to rights.
It was another day of accomplishing very little and I must say I loved it. Wish I could have found the Snowy Owl again and a few more birds but we had a great outing. I started off the day with a walk around the hood. It was pretty quiet but pretty - we had fresh snow come down last night and early this morning. Went way out to the Point and took a few photos of friend's places. I needed winter pics, have summer and fall.  I was thinking this morning, how can you really miss all 4 seasons of the lake. Even in the winter it's pretty. We headed off to Cape Sable Island after my walk, in hopes of seeing some ducks, and whatever else may be along the coast. What we didn't expect was so much ice, guess they got freezing rain when we had snow. Was really hard getting down to the beach.  Of course we picked a cold windy day for beach walking. From there we headed to Baccaro, no sign of the Owls, but I did get some shots of the Snow Buntings. Canadian Geese on the way home and a few other ducks. Home again for an early supper, I hit the hood once more then a lovely soak in the tub.
I love the look of fresh fallen snow. Everything looks so clean.
 Lake and trees all were wearing a coat of snow.
 This was my favourite photo today. I took it at Daniel's Head and you can see Cape Light in the background.

 The sun was drawing water. Usually a sign of rain to come.
 A few gulls were hanging out with us on the beach.

 A Snow Bunting at Baccaro.
 A very small flock of Canada Geese, not far away was another that had about 250.
Some Black Ducks were bathing and preening.
Female Common Merganser.

Enjoy your day!


  1. The Cape Light photo is the "da bomb" absolutely love it!! Could be apost card! On the way home from HRM Jacki kept saying how beautiful the trees were with fresh laden we got closer to home around Liverpool there was less snow and more ice. YUCK!! Our driveway and road is similar to a skating rink and I put some sawdust down but will pick up some eco/dog friendly de-icer today. It is going to be a quiet kind of day and get recharged physically to start the work week.....not much to do with another holiday mid week, but will have to catch up on a little book work and month end foolishness!! Lol I love that is your blog but when time permits I get to make comments(sometimes a novel) lol Well I hate to admit the birds are growing on me but my fav's remain the geese, ducks and gulls!! Have a good day and stay out of trouble in the "hood" God help us if you lose your internet :)

  2. "The sun drawing water". I've never heard that expression before but I love it.