Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 183 - 1st July 2013 - Cedar Waxwing, Leaves, Ferns and Clematis

Welcome July! Happy Canada Day! Now lets please bring on some sunshine. Slept in this morning - not much else to do, and I see the weather forecast hasn't changed for the week. Internet is still kicking up. Guess it will be another day around the house, maybe I should have gone to work today and taken the first fine day off for the holiday. Oh well not much you can really do about it. Will be hard on all the places with celebrations going on today. so much work and the one thing they really need is a decent day.
So yesterday morning we had the busiest breakfast that we've ever had - I was so tired when we got done, but I did go for a walk in the mist. Larry opted for a nap in the chair instead. The rest of the day was just lazy, lazy. My internet was off more than on - sucky Eastlink broadband! You would think in the year 2013 we could have some decent technology but no we get pure and simple crap which we pay through the nose for - can you tell the rain is grating on my nerves and making me a bit testy? So I call them and he says "yes I can see your area is out" well why in the devil do I have to tell them, don't they check these things to see what is up and running??
The Cedar Waxwings were hanging out in the rain.
 I think this might be a young chickadee as another one seemed to be bringing it food.
 No one will be hanging out clothes this week either.
 I always like this lichen on the side of trees.
 Umm... should they be red this time of year?
 Lois' other clematis is in bloom.
Trees were just dripping in raindrops.

Enjoy your day!

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