Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 182 - 30th June 2013 - Hermit Thrush, Ducks and an Evening at the Park

Once again we are ending another month - goodbye June. Hopefully July will be a summer month with only rain at night and sunshine during the day. Wishful thinking, probably, but it sounds like a good plan to me. We are both up early this morning, it's our turn to work the breakfast at our Community Hall today.  It's not so bad we only have to work every third month, but for some reason we seem to be hitting all the long weekends this year which really sucks. So that kind of shoots the morning, won't get home till close to lunch time.They afternoon will depend on what the weather is like as it has most days likely, looks like rain most of the week too.
So yesterday was one of those humdrum days - did the town thing for groceries - my least favourite thing in the world to do. Came home made up some bread bread rolls and a potato salad to take back to the Park for supper with the campers. A good evening with lots of friends and great food. The weather even held somewhat for us to enjoy yourselves.
 I'm seeing a pair of Hermit Thrushes quite regularly. Assume they are nesting somewhere in the area I see them.
 Another topsy turvy mallard.
 Had a couple of lovely young ladies assist me last evening at the park. The girls were very good at picking out things/scenes for me to photograph.
 Along the shoreline.
 We had lots fun - they thought this one made a nice frame with the tree at the top looking out at the harbour.
Of course I can pass up a view of Dock Street. I think it's the colorful buildings that catch my eye.
A sailboat waits for a better day to set sail, a shag on the rock.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thanks for the visit and of course the brown bread rolls & potato salad. It was a fun evening with a lot of giggles ;)