Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 159 - 7th June 2013 - Birds and the Harbour

It's Friday once again, but not a good looking day in the weather department like we've enjoyed this week.  Had my first cup of coffee on the deck - Larry and Lexi joined me this morning, so it wasn't quite as peaceful as most mornings. But it's good to have a chat with the hubby before we move into our work day. The birds seem to like to sing more on a sunnier morning, but there were still a few around - Mourning Doves (not my favs), a Woodpecker at a tree and a Grackle or two. The Starlings are nesting once again in the telephone pole - I hear the racket and see them darting in and out of the hole the Woodpecker made last year. Hope the rain holds off until after I get to work, would like to try for a few more birds this morning on my walk.
Another beautiful day, warmer than Wednesday with less breeze. Love sitting on the deck early in the morning and listening to the birds with my coffee. It's a great way to start the day. Since it was so nice I left to meet Nancy about 40 minutes early, lovely on the lake, chased a few birds and finally found one who was high in a tree, a Red Eyed Vireo and new to my list. I've gotten 48 photos of different species  so far since the first of the New Year. I have several lists on the go - one for the feeders, one of photos and one for other places. It's fun to keep track. Exercise class last night, we've got a new sound system which Cindy needs to tweek a bit, but it can belt out the tunes!
 A lone Mallard on the lake this morning.
 The Red-Eyed Vireo.
 He was not very co-operative.
 Shag in the Harbour.

 Looking out the Harbour at the Lighthouse at lunch time.
You can always find at least one pigeon around town.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. hmmmm no flowers or shrubs today I feel cheated!!! Busy busy day and then off to Lockeport for the relay it will be an emotional but fun night. Will talk to you on my way to Lockeport :) "hands free of course"