Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 160 - 8th June 2013 - Birds, Pollen, Blooms and Sunshine

Rain it is on this Saturday morning. Looks like it will be a day for housework and groceries, but tomorrow is suppose to be fine so it will nice to get that stuff all done for a few days so I can enjoy the sunshine when it comes. Not sure what Larry's got planned - probably something in his building for fear that I'll put him to work on a project in the house. Lexi of course will hang between the two of us.  I'm pretty sure the Myrtle Warbler must be nesting somewhere around here, they are always singing to me and I've spied one of them several times high in the Weeping Willow tree. We have some coniferous and hardwood trees around so no doubt they have picked one of those.
Guess I could have taken my camera to work with me yesterday as the only rain we really got was in the morning when I left. Of course it was spitting rain after supper too. Good day at the centre, got things ready for the AGM next week, bookkeeping up to date, newsletter pretty well finished up, a couple of researchers and some other stuff cleared up. So all was good, I fade fast after supper, swear I'm going to start working a 6 am - 2pm shift - suppose anyone would come in that early? I would certainly be smarter than in the afternoon. Hoping all the girls that did the Relay for Life in Lockeport had a good time last night. It's good cause and they would have had a wet evening since it was outside.
 Cedar Waxwing enjoying the neighbour's tree.
 There's been a lot of pine pollen on the lake lately.
 Larry's Chestnut tree is in bloom, suppose we'll be roasting chestnuts this winter?
 Love the silhouettes of this wonderful family in the early morning light.
 Looking up a driveway on a nicer sunny morning.
 Usually a Song Sparrow along the way.
Smiling suns and flowers.

Enjoy your day!

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