Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 166 - 14th June 2013 - Grandmother's Journal, Ducks and Twin Flowers

4:30am - up way too early! Will be a long day, maybe I'll snooze on the drive after work. No rain so far this morning, fingers crossed it stays that way. Truck is almost packed and we should be able to hit the road by 4:30pm, we are both getting off a little early so we can catch the 7:30 pm ferry to the Island. Housesitter will be here before we go, but I've run through everything with him so that's looked after. Am looking forward to a weekend away and I love the beauty of the area. Also a good chance to visit with Dorothy and Roger - haven't seen them since January. Larry's job is to lend his expertise in gardening and he has some tomato plants for them too. My only regret about not being home we'll miss the boiled lobster supper that we always attend at Upper Clyde on Saturday, but you can't do everything and we'll go next year. It's one of the best suppers around so if you are in the area please do go, it's a fundraiser for the community hall there, which used to be one of the original 1 room school houses.
A busy day - not much accomplished that I needed to get done at work as I was distracted by others. Oh well that's how it goes. Home, supper, put my trifle together to take with us, exercise class and then some last minute things to put in a bag. No time to sit and relax until it was almost bedtime.
Time for some news from Grandmother's Journal:
13th June 1974 - Beautiful day, real warm. To town early back 5:15. Bob worked outside until dark. I walked to dogs with water. Many birds singing now. Just beautiful. Flies are bad now when there is no breeze. Garden coming well now.
14th June 1974 - Beautiful day nice not too warm. Foggy driving to town early. Mike came back with us for weekend. Back to town 9 o'clock to get battery for tractor. Home 10:30, saw 1 deer.
15 June 1974 - Beautiful warm hot day. Bob & Mike worked in apple orchard. I worked in house. Bobby and Betty up in afternoon late. 
 Galls on an Oak Tree - I saw these last fall but they had changed color by then and were brown. Research tells me they are caused by wasps.

 Enjoyed watching the ducks at Myrna's yesterday morning.

 She has a lot of mouths to feed!
A day of Mallards as one flew from the Harbour.

Found more Twin Flowers in the woods. Actually you smell their sweet fragrance before you see them.

Enjoy your day! I may be a little late tomorrow morning but I'll still be posting!

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  1. Oh Grandmother's Journal...I knew you were a witch but this confirms it!!! Have an awesome weekend and if your house sitter needs anything give him my contact numbers!! Give me a shout when you get home if all goes well I am off to surprise my daddy on Sunday :)