Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 179 - 27th June 2013 - Snapping Turtles, Snakes, Grasses and Roses

Here we are thursday, work today, lots to do as usual. If all goes well today and tomorrow, I'll finish off editing the book and get some photos sorted out and inserted, really want to have this out of my lap by next week and sent to the printer. He'll run me off a draft and I can go through that one last time. Helps with layout etc to see it in the final version. That's the plan anyway, hopefully I don't get derailed! Other than that - more rain in the forecast, but we won't even discuss it. Positive thinking please! Our turn to work breakfast at the firehall on Sunday morning - seems like this is our year to hit the long weekends on the breakfast shift.

Well I got out and around the hood early yesterday morning before the rain started. Bought some new bug dope on the weekend - something without deet that maybe I wouldn't get an allergic reaction.  It works well, not quite as well as the pure poison stuff but I keep forgetting to use it and the flies are chewing me up! Just dumb I guess. It did rain, most of the morning, then some light showers but cleared before supper. Lexi and I had a couple of runs between raindrops. Since it wasn't fit to be outside long, I did some housework, no cookies today and cooked supper. I did goof off a bit in the afternoon catching up on some reading - mostly photography related. I get several blogs/newsletter via email and don't always have time to read them, so it was a good afternoon to unwind.
 The grasses on the side of the road look so soft and wispy.
 Snapping turtle was up on the beach laying eggs early in the morning.
 On the left you can see her foot print and right - where her tail was.
 Wild Iris or Blue Flag hiding beneath the ferns.
 Maybe Larry can teach her how to saw the wood - would make his job easier!
 The sun started to come out but...
My old fashion rose bush is beginning to bloom, seems to me it just about always gets beat down with rain.
 I do like raindrops on flowers.
I'm not a great fan of snakes - but so long as they keep their distance I can handle them. This guy was in a neighbour's fire pit.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. quite the assortment today...nice one of the turtle and the snake :)