Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 173 - 21st June 2013 - Lake, Birds and Lupins

Made it all the way to Friday once again. Looking forward to another decent weekend - looks like some clouds on Sunday but hey that just means less sunburns. I love these early mornings when the sun is beginning to peek through the trees and the birds sound like a huge orchestra in their backyard. It's amazing how they can all sing a different song but somehow all sounds like they are together on the chorus. It's the little things in life that you should appreciate, the bigger things you can't always do much about.
The weather did not disappoint us - it was another beautiful day yesterday but I would rather have been home to enjoy it. Got some stuff done at the office; nothing I needed to get cleared up. Oh well there is always today. Exercise class last night - Cindy said she was hurting - joy!joy! - just kidding!
Time to check out Grandmother's Journal:
20th June 1974 - Nice morning, many birds singing. Good bird morning. Hot today. Turning colder with southerly (west) wind. Overcast and cool tonight. Cattle on the road. Had scallops and chips at FM [Farmer's market - owned and operated by Charlie and Emma Harris in Lower Ohio], made a nice long evening. Bob mowing tonight.
21st June 1974 - Overcast and warm this morning, sun tried to come out. Both to work. Home 4:30. 1st weekend without a grandchild. Too many activities right now for kids. Very humid tonight. Flies real bad. Worried about swallows this year. Something happened not many here. Maybe the snow.
 The lake was crystal clear as I walked over to catch a ride with Nancy.
 I love the reflections in the water.
 I had a few Purple Finches when I got home from work. The Mrs.
 Both the male and female.

Never to be out done - Song Sparrow in the lilac bush.

The Lupins are still holding up on the road sides.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Grandmothers journal again right on time. Iam drinking my coffee on the deck and listening to the crows not the greatest sound then every so often a loon can be heard. Have a good day