Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 172 - 20th June 2013 - Bubbles, Birds, Flowers and a Sunny Day

Here we are at Thursday again, the week flies by.  Going to be another beautiful day and I'll be inside at the office. Went out on the deck while I was waiting for my coffee - you can see the glimmer of day break coming through the trees, it's so clean and fresh smelling out and the birds are all singing up a storm. Yes indeed it will be a nice day. Hopefully today I will finish up the editing portion of the book and then move on next week to find some photographs to add. I've got it almost all reformatted. Making headway, just need  a few days with no major distractions.Sounds good. Since it's thursday, have exercise class tonight. So that sounds like my day in a nutshell.
True to it's word - the weather cleared in the morning yesterday. I buzzed around and did some minimal housework - floors, laundry etc. As you know this time of year - it's just the basics. Made some gingerbread whoppie pies for the bestie, Larry and the boys at work. By that time the sun was coming through the clouds, so Lexi and went out for a walk. Once I got back with her I headed back out around the hood on my own to see what might be happening with the birds. Another Hermit Thrush, an Oven Bird and a Eastern Kingbird - a good day for birds but not great photos. They won't stop hiding in the leaves!  Chatted with some neighbours and then home for lunch on the deck and a little reading made for a nice afternoon. Can never really have a bad day when the sun is shining and you are home. Larry and Lexi went to the garden after supper, I roamed around some more, tea with Lois and her Mom and a little tv to end off the night.
 Bubbles along the shore line.
 The rain stopped and the blue was breaking through the clouds.
 Rarely a day without a Song Sparrow.
 The neighbour's Rhododendron still wet from the rain.
 I like the daisies along the road side.
 The Hermit Thrush posed a bit better for me yesterday.
 But the Oven Bird was playing shy.
 Another Song Sparrow.
 Roses. When we went through this neighbour's yard, Lexi decided to stop and visit - she went up to the door and barked til they came out to chat.
 And the lake was beautiful as always.
This Male Evening Grosbeak put on quite a show for me while the female ate from the feeder.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Whopie cookies!! Lunchbox raiding time :) this morning feels crisp like a fall morning ughh but hopefully nice later another busy day at the shop boats are anxius to getback in for fishing. Steamship is a necessity but no one likes it but safety is paramount and a check of the underwater and topside can save lives and prevent breakdowns. I absolutely love the shot of the daisy. ;) have a good day I insist.

  2. Awesome grosbeak shot.
    I'll be in next week...I'll try for all the rainy days...