Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 165 - 13th June 2013 - Rhododendron, Iris' and Song Sparrows.

Overcast with light rain this morning, but it's going to clear. The birds are all singing up a storm. Back to the grind today. Hoping for a quiet day where I can whiz through some work, have some editing to finish and I'm on a count down to get that done up. I guess I do my best work under pressure, but truthfully there's been no time lately to get to it. I need to have it completed by the end of the month with photos etc so I can take one last run through and send it off to the printer. Summer Student starts next week so will need a few days of training with her, then I think she'll be  a great asset to the centre for the summer. Exercise class tonight and I've got to put my dessert together to take on Friday night with us. Busy day!
Wednesday went marvelous - laundry caught up, cookies and brownies made, housework done and clothes packed. It even cleared enough that Lexi and I could roam the hood, we stopped and chatted with Lois along our route. I guess the secret is not to rant at the weather too much and think positive! It will come around to your way of thinking. Larry got up to the garden after supper - he was probably doing some weeding, they'll grow even faster now than the vegetables do.
 The neighbour's Rhodo.
 Playing around with the Lupins.
 Song Sparrows were out in full force, including on the deck.
 My Wisteria is still in bloom.
 Another hiding in a bush - think they might be nesting nearby.
 The lake is really high now.
The purple ones are opening, first sunny day and I expect the yellow ones to be in bloom.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I knew I should have gone to raid larrys lunch kit. Lol. Wisteria so now I know what it is. I love them they remind me of a "secret garden".