Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 169 - 17th June 2013 - Gulls, Look Offs, Wind Turbines and Home

Hre we are back to Monday morning... and the start of the work week once again! Rain during the night but it's suppose to clear this morning. Birds are singing in the trees even though it's overcast and foggy. Summer Student starts today so I'll be busy most of the day getting her settled in. Have to finish up the book editing and get on the ball to borrow some photos for it as well. Going to be a busy week. Noticed when we came home yesterday that the Wisteria is pretty well finished blooming for another season as well as the Honeysuckle bush. Those are the two big bloomers in my yard, on a good note I see a few blooms on a rose bush so they will be next.
Got home yesterday around noon. Our stop at Gilbert's Cove made us think we better not detour too much - a squeaking and warmer than normal wheel. Made it home without any further issue. So I guess a trip to the garage is in order. Hoping it's not too much or too expensive, Larry is thinking maybe a brake issue. We did have a fabulous weekend, just what I needed - to get away and not worry about anything and we love going to the Island. Roger and Dorothy are wonderful friends and hosts. They always find somewhere new to take us each trip and I love returning to places we've already been. Like home I can roam around the hood early in the morning in my pj's without much thought. Once we were home it was back to reality - laundry, mowing lawns etc. Our new whipper snipper which Larry's used maybe 3 times stopped working - oh yes I'm annoyed! I knew there was a reason I stopped buying things from Sears!
 Down in the bottom of the photo is a Franklin or Blackheaded Gull - we are still not sure, didn't notice him until I downloaded my pics. My great finds are always after the fact!
 View from the Observation Deck at 6:30 am.
 Took a quick stroll around while we waited to go on the Ferry - heading home.
 You can see the Wind Turbines on Digby Neck from the Lighthouse Rd. at Gilbert's Cove.
 Back home and a quick run around the hood. Daisies.
 The Lake of course was beautiful.
Not sure who this guy is - maybe a Fledgling Myrtle or Black and White Warbler.

Enjoy your day!

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