Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 174 - 22nd June 2013 - Woodpecker, Frog and Flowers

Saturday and another beautiful morning - sun is breaking through the trees but there are big fluffy clouds in the sky. Promises to be a nice day. Will do a quick whip around with some housework and laundry, town sometime for groceries then the rest of the day will be spent outside. Oh yes, can't forget a visit to the Park where the bestie and hubby are camped out for the weekend. Might even find some birds over there, last year I did see a Heron and there could be some baby ducks - never know.
I'm glad the work week is over, seems like I've been dragging all week for some reason. I think it started with the headache and scratchy throat at the first of the week and a night of not sleeping well, seems like I've spent all week catching up. A belated Happy Anniversary to Sherri & Billy - very good friends - hope you have many more years together. Friday was fine with a breeze - heard some grumbling but a little cool air is great with me especially at work since our office is really nasty warm in the summer time. It was also the first day of summer which I forgot yesterday morning and the longest day of the year. It was quiet around the lake last evening when I went for my walk but spent some time in Lois' yard enjoying her flowers that are in bloom, then had tea and gossip on her deck. Not that we really gossip - just giggle and laugh and solve the world's problems - yes it can be done over tea!
 I love getting a good long walk in the morning and seeing everything. Woodpecker is enjoying her breakfast.
 A few cobwebs around.
 Last evening - reminds me of the Song " Sexy and I know it"!

 Lois' Clematis is beautiful.
 Some roses are in bloom some are just budding out.
 I should know but I can't remember what this one is.
 Queen Anne's Lace - love it even though it's wild, still pretty.
Another of her Rhododendrons.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thanks buddy I made 27 years lol and not in prison yet ;)