Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 175 - 23rd June 2013 - Cedar Waxwings, Gulls, Ducks and a Bear

Sunday is here again - any thoughts on how to make the day last longer? Maybe we could had more hours to the weekend days and shorten up the work week? Wishful thinking - looks like another fine day on the horizon. Caught up with one of my favourite cousins this morning, hence the reason I'm a tad late. Facebook is a useful tool, where else can you chat with someone early in the morning! Well I'm sure Larry will be in the garden today and I need to do some work around the yard. Other than that, we'll see where the day takes us.
Another day lovely day on Saturday, cooled off in the evening but still very nice. We had a great day. Work around home in the morning - Larry in the wood pile and me in the house -laundry, floors, dusting etc. I headed out for a walk later after getting some things done up. Went to town for groceries and errands before lunch and over to the park to visit friends who were camping for the weekend. Had a nice few hours, home and then back to the park for supper. Ah, what a spread the girls had put one - a great evening of food and laughter.
 I was glad to see the Cedar Waxwings are still around.
 A Brown Creeper in the woods, there were actually two of them zipping up and down the trees.
 A gull - what more can I say!
 Looking across at Dock St.
 Mallard females - at least 2 of them are young ones.
 The sun was beginning to set.
 Another female Mallard.
 A pair of Mallards feeding in the grasses close to shore.
Not a great photo but Larry told me to get out of the truck to get it, I was hoping the mother didn't come out of the woods suddenly. Bear cub on our way home last evening.
The sky had pretty pink splashes through it.

Enjoy your day!

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