Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 180 - 28th June 2013 - Daisies, Lily Pads, Potatoes and Queen Anne's Lace.

Here we are at Friday once again and a long weekend. Lots to do again today - need to dig out some photos for the book, editing finished up yesterday (or at least I hope so!). Up a bit too early. Raining this morning, sounds like we are in for a full day of it. Not even thinking about what they want for the weekend - hopefully we will salvage one decent day out of 3.  Skipped exercise class last night, wrist and hand is still playing up so didn't think I would chance it. Went for a walk instead and visited with the "Ladies of the Lake" - 3 long time friends are spending the night at a cottage in the hood. I would say they were having a great evening. Nice to see friendships last so long. Not much in birding yesterday - lots of songs but very little sightings.
Time to visit with Grandmother's Journal:
27th June 1974 - Still overcast, misty early. Saw 2 young partridges before Warners this morning. Lovely evening. Hoed potatoes. Worked around garden.
28th June 1974 - Lovely day, so good to get up and see the sun. Bob had a hard night. Thank goodness he was alright. Tired all day. Not enough sleep. Beautiful sunny warm but not too hot. Looking for Reg & Gertrude Saturday or Sunday. Didn't get much done tonight. 
 More Daisies - but they are rather lovely.
 The lake has dropped a lot - a little foam around the shoreline.
Potatoes are looking good. Might be eating some swiss chard very soon.
 I can't remember the name of this one and if I wasn't so lazy I would have gotten up and looked in my wildflower book.
Queen Anne's Lace, I have a huge amount of it in the backyard.
Lily pads everywhere!

Enjoy your day!

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