Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 168 - 16th June 2013 - Birds, Ducks, Iris and Long Hikes.

Sunday morning and it's time to head home again. been a great weekend. I think we all slept much better last night. If you want to get away for a weekend come to the Islands, one of Nova Scotia's hidden gems. Some time we come, I'd love to do one of the Whale Watching tours that are put on. Didn't find many different birds this trip but I do a few more to cross off my list and we saw some spectacular views. Just the kind of weekend that was needed. Every time we come they always have some new place to take us. Maybe next time we'll go to Balancing Rock too - but not sure if my bad knee will take all those steps. We are off to the Fireman's breakfast before we leave, that should keep us going til we get home.
As predicted the day turned out lovely - sunny, nice breeze, what more could you ask for. The morning got off to a rocky start with Lexi up too early and then me but we pushed on. Picked up some second hand books - just good mystery novels at a place Dorothy knew about. I roamed the hood a lot, the garden got planted  and looks very good. Roger took Larry, Lexi and I to the Observation Deck while Dorothy slaved away in the kitchen.  The Observation Deck is fabulous, on a clear day like Saturday you can see the French shore. It's a bit of a hike - all up hill but well worth it, then down toward the shore we went, following that to Beautiful Cove. That little jaunt tired Lexi out for a while, but I noticed later on she was limping a bit. Oh forgot to mention, Dorothy and I hiked back to the Deck to retrieve Lexi's leash that #1 husband forgot there. We came back the short way and naturally it's all downhill! BBQ with friends last evening and another late night for me.
Red wing Blackbird.
Looking over the mudflats in the early morning - love the reflections of the houses in the water.
Lots of Tree Swallows.
Not sure but think it's an immature White Throated Sparrow.
Above: Female Red Wing Blackbird - think there was a nest near by as she was really unhappy with me.

Lexi surveying her kingdom.
Butterfly along the trail from the Observation Deck - there were lots of different ones.

 A whole group of Female Eiders and babies.
 Larry & Roger checking out Westport on Brier Island with their binoculars.
The Wild Iris' were in bloom everywhere.

Enjoy your day!

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