Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 181 - 29th June 2013 - Swiss Chard, Song Sparrow and a Foggy Lake

Saturday - rain, rain rain - at least it's mild out but I'm tired of this weather! Have no idea what's happening today. I know we'll have to make a run to town for groceries, etc. Might make a stop over to the Park to visit with the bestie and others camping. If there's a chance of this weather breaking we might enjoy the evening there, had a good time last saturday night. If my ambition increases today might even make some brown bread rolls to take over. There's always housework to do - that sounds like fun - not! Maybe we will just see where the day leads us sometimes plans are not the way to go.
So the weekend has arrived with an extra day tacked on the for the holiday. Fingers crossed that we at least get 1 fine day otherwise we will have cabin fever in this house. Ran out after supper has it had temporarily stopped raining, took along my trusting plastic grocery bag for my camera just in case. Didn't get too far but did manage a few photos before I got caught in the next downpour.
 Swiss chard soon to be picked.
 Bubbles floating across the lake.
 A very foggy evening on the lake.

 You can see the lines of pollen on the rocks from where the lake went down.
 Crownvetch I think.
 I did find a loyal subject to pose for me - Song Sparrow.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lol can you say puddles ...a wet night and lots of water everywhere. We shall be here. I am going home to get some dry clothes and check on the cat ;) brown bread sounds good but you do not have to bring goodies just your company ;)