Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 176 - 24th June 2013 - Cinnamon Ferns, Birds and Chairs on the Beach

Monday morning, dismal looking outside and I've overslept. Sounds like a bang to start off the week. Guess the nights I didn't sleep well have caught up with me. Looks like a wet week out there folks. Since we have a long weekend on the horizon maybe it will be fine for that. Back to work this morning - lots to do and since it's going to be a wet week, I should have lots of help. This week I need to get the book finished up and out of my hair. Some other small projects to finish up too.
Another weekend has flown by. Had a quiet day around the hood on Sunday. I worked inside and out, Larry in the woodpile but the woodshed is now full. Next will be the basement to fill and then we are ready for next winter. The joy of wood - gives fabulous heat but you never have a break from it.
 Cinnamon ferns - they are lovely this time of year.
 Hermit Thrush, but he didn't want to come out in the open.
 Palm Warbler - maybe he's like "chicken little" and looking for the sky to fall.
 Daisies along the roadsides.
 Beautiful evening on the lake - someone should be using these chairs and taking advantage of the view!
Oven bird - looks similar to the Thrushes but has an orange streak through the top of his head. Sounds like he is saying "" when he sings.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Happy Happy Happy birthday Sista :) I hope you have a wonderful day....I overslept and it feels like it should be like 10 am lol ...I am so glad you enjoyed my rendition of "Happy Birthday"