Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 162 - 10th June 2013 - Clouds, Lake, River, Birds and a Turtle

Monday again and a foggy morning, Birds are beginning to come alive and singing. Back to the office this morning, hoping to get a good amount of work done today. We had a rather sleepless night or not  alot of sleep. Lexi hurt one of her hind legs yesterday and was limping which meant she had trouble getting up and down off the bed, etc. Now being independent she doesn't like help, so every time Larry tried to lift her she would get upset with him, thus waking me up too. She seems fine this morning so she may have just twisted it.
Had an enjoyable Sunday - a nice mix of work and relaxation, haunting the hood and a new spot. I sure do have a wonderful husband. I woke him up to say I was going for a roam and would be back in less than an hour, well 1 1/2 hours later I rolled in - it take a while to check out the hood. There he was though ready to cook breakfast, just waiting patiently for me. I finished up some work leftover from Saturday, Larry spent a good portion of the day in the garden - almost done! We even got the truck cleaned out.  We had an early supper, I got the dishes done up and then we headed somewhere I'd never been - a cabin in the woods. Good walk - Larry figured about 2 miles in on the river. Beautiful spot, heard lots of birds, some I hadn't heard before and I did get a pic of a new one for my list. Yah!
 Some clouds over the lake, but they rolled on by.
 I was so pleased with the shots I got of this Swamp Sparrow.

 Didn't take long for the sky to brighten and become a beautiful day.
 My hostas that were lovely but no more thanks to the deer.
 Hummingbird darts in and out all day long.
 New to my list - Common Yellowthroat.

 A frog hiding in the grass.
A turtle who just finished laying eggs.

And a view of the river from the cabin. Look familiar Cindy? We signed the guest book before we headed back.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Sure is a beautiful spot isn't it Kim? Great photo ops!

  2. I shall remind you of your comment on how great your hubby is I am sure one of these days!! lol Okay so is this swamp sparrow suppose to look discheveled and in need of some grooming? I see the deer must have thought it was Ohio Breakfast! Sorry I could not resist as I thought they were some new species of yuccas. Okay out to work in my garden before dark....I drove by you and didnt realize you were there until after...hence the pregnant toot :) I hope Princess Lexi is feeling better. Kasey sent her regards and get well wishes. Nice turtle shot too!!