Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 153 - 1st June 2013 - Sunrise, Royal Babies and Twin Flowers

Sun is coming up, I crawled out of bed at our normal week time hour (5:30 am) and have left the rest asleep. My favourite time of the day. Coffee on the deck listening to the birds and watching the pink streaks of the sun through the sky. Busy day - Larry's off to help a friend change patio doors this morning then I'm in town to work my shift at the Yard Sale for the centre. Hoping we have a great fundraiser. I don't need to be there til around noon and by the looks of things better do a few things around here, if the outside doesn't call to loud. Better get some groceries too since the fridge is looking mighty sparse.
Wow what beautiful weather we had on Friday - hot, hot, hot, summer has arrived! Hauled myself down t to lake in the morning to enjoy the sunrise and Royal family. It's been a week or so since I've posted any update on them. They are doing fine and growing like like weeds - around 3 weeks old now. Since it was such a nice morning I left  about 45 mins early  to catch my ride and took a few pics along the way. A good walk the day after exercise really helps to keep the aches and pains away.Heard some birds but all I saw was a song sparrow other than the ducks who are always hanging around. Work went well, the last day for my Community College student - she's done a bang up job so hope she finds some employment in the near future. When we got home last evening, I grabbed something cold from the fridge and spent some time on the deck basking in all that wonderful nature around me - a good way to start or finish the day. Off for another walk after supper and a visit with the Royals as they had moved location. One thing about them they share themselves all around the hood. Never staying in one place for more than a few days. Everyone gets to see those babies.
 The sun was rising over the misty lake.
 The Royal Babies, growing fast.
 I'm partial to the golden hues.
 Kate, William and the goslings.
 Lovely family.
 They are around 3 weeks old now.
 Startled these guys.
 After supper they had moved on, found a nice rock to take a break.
Probably the smallest and my favourite of the wild flowers - Twin Flowers.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Best photos yet that first one with the mist and the chairs I swear I could have walked through the screen lol. Nice to see the royals as well. I came home early from town and then ended up running back in. Seen Larry in the parking lot but did not catch a glimpse of you