Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 152 - 31st May 2013 - Chairs, Ferns, Blueberry Blossoms and the Lake

Here we are saying goodbye to another month. Can't believe we are almost halfway through the year. Went to be a little later last night and up a little earlier - can't think that will make for a great day but here goes. Hopefully I won't have to think or be smart this afternoon. Looking like it will be a fine day.
Went to work a little soggy yesterday morning, had a bit of a flash storm - thunder, lightning and hard rain of course while I was getting my tea and walking to the office. Good thing the Beandock has a spare umbrella, but it's warmer and I dried out after awhile. By early afternoon the sun had come out and the temperature had really shot up. Had a good day at work, am making headway on the backlog. Exercise class last night - another painful experience (just kidding - a good workout). I consider not going but put that thought right out of my mind - no good excuse other than the sun was out and I would rather have roamed around through the woods. That's a good thing but sometimes a workout is better for me both physically and mentally. Came home and sat on the deck for a few minutes enjoying the peace and quiet.
 Have moved a chair out to the lawn so I have another view of the feeder and trees, once you sit for a few minutes the birds just ignore you and go about their business.
 Not sure if anyone is nesting here this year or not, seems quiet.
 Yes that is the lake - yesterday morning, thick fog.
 But after supper a much prettier view.
 Looks like it's going to be a good year for blueberries, seeing lots of blossoms.
 Most of the ferns have come out, they look lush along the sides of the road and lake.
Always a few ducks around.

Time for my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. That was a "tick dungeon of fog" I went to bed early lol and then was up through the night and confused the dog lol..worked in the garden for a bit earlier...Billy mowed the lawn..."Sherri you just dont't do it right" good that means I dont have to do it or put the frigging thing back in the barn I knew if I did figure 8's on the lawn he would fire me!!! Thank goodness he is not on facebook or reading your blog :) Have a good day will likely call you and let you know how the eye appt. went. Grandma Kathy will be celebrating her Grandson's "Mr. Tyson's 3rd Birthday" not sure where the past three years wents perhaps it is true that time flies the older we get!!! Have an awesome day :)