Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 151 - 30th May 2013 - Cobwebs, Fog, Ducks and Birds

A very dismal/grey looking morning, suppose to clear later today. Then it looks like hot sunny weather for a few days so it will be a weekend for working/playing outside. Back to work, lots to do, hopefully we will get our project finished up tomorrow that the Community College student has been working on as she's done this week. It's been a good work term and I've been happy with her progress. Then I'm on my own for a few weeks til our summer student begins. I'm hoping in those two weeks to have finished clearing up some of my backlog (no such thing as catching up 100%).
Wednesday was an uneventful day and good, weather stayed fine once the fog burned off until almost supper time. Headed out for a good roam around the hood after Larry went to work, lots of walking didn't see a whole lot as the fog was so thick you couldn't see across the lake, but the exercise and fresh air  was good. Took about an hour, then Lexi and I went for a quick jaunt. Did some weeding in the flower gardens, things are coming up including the weeds. I guess next year I better really divide my hostas up, they are getting huge or larger than I want for the bed they are in. A minor amount of housework took place - just the bare necessities. Moved one of the lawn chairs out in the yard where I sat quietly and watching the apple trees and feeder for birds. Once you get comfortable they don't pay much attention to you.
 Lots of cobwebs around, but the soon disappeared.
 Just how foggy it was, the ducks were almost like shadows as they swam a long.
 It was a good day for Hairy Woodpeckers - unless the same ones were following me around.
 The Robins are such a faithful bird, always around.
 Lois' Lily of the Valley.
 The Hummingbirds were back and forth to the feeder all day, they start at day break and finish at dark.
Just something different with wings for a change.

Having a drink from the new bird bath!

Enjoy your day!

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