Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 129 - 9th May 2013 - Chipmunk, Lake, Sparrows and Flowers

Thursday and back to the grind, temperatures are mild, already +12 but they are calling for rain for the next week! I'm not going to hold my breath on that one as they normally can't decided from day to day. We could use the rain, the water is dropping but I don't want 6 days of it! Lets have a couple of good overnight rains and then call it quits for a few days. Not sure what the day will bring, but will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well.
A beautiful day at home on Wednesday - sunny and very warm, but...too many flies and ticks! I know I shouldn't complain but Lexi and I really have a time getting around when we are both swamped with flies, can hardly stop long enough to take a photo. I buzzed around in the morning while the fog was still thick and got the laundry caught up, shortened some exercise pants (can't imagine why) - capri length on me needs to be cut off about 4-5 inches to become capris again and got supper prepped. Bought some nice looking sweet peppers on Saturday at No Frills at a decent price so thought I would stuff them - brown rice, diced tomatoes, ground pork, a little seasoning, cayenne pepper, topped with crushed nacho chips and shredded cheese. Did a cucumber and tomato salad to go with it and we are good for 2 night. So I was able to laze on the back deck for part of the afternoon with my book and a cold beer. I enjoy a cold beer on a hot day so thought - what the heck, live a little.
 Chippy stopped to visit, but I'm having  an issue with a squirrel in the other feeder.
 Another foggy morning.
 There are lots of song sparrows.
 A Swamp Sparrow I came across by the other lake, along with a few ticks and lots of black flies.

 The tulips and daffodils are looking great. Solomon Seal soon to bloom in the background.
 Wild purple violets are now in bloom as well.
 William was in for breakfast and a paddle around.
 Lexi wadded in and got a drink.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. So chippy is still alive! Lol so that is a song sparrow I have those kinda scruffy looking but cute. The thing tapping on my chimney can go at any time and take the mice with him. I am planning for a great day just not sure who I may have to hurt to ensure this.