Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 125 - 5th May 2013 - Birds, Fishway, Ferns

Brrr... a bit chilly this morning, temperature is 0.9, but it's already daylight and looks like it has promises of another nice day. Potato planting day for us, then I think Larry has plans to start cutting/splitting wood. I've got inside or outside things to work on and am hoping to convince him to go "sightseeing" for a few hours at some time. There are a ton of ticks this year, Lexi and I seem to be getting the most but then we are the ones crawling through bushes most of the time.
Saturday was another splendid day in the weather department, but... that wind from the north is cold. The sun has so much warmth, especially if you are in a protected area. We decided to go to Barrington, neither of us really wanted to blow the whole day in Yarmouth, although I do need to go soon as my list is getting longer (hopefully in another week or two I will have a little extra funds) and we'll go on a Saturday or Sunday that's no so nice. I did take my camera along, we stopped over to Sherose Island and then went just across the Cape Sable Causeway to the beach there. On the way back we stopped in Barrington by the old Woolen Mill. Larry even treated me to my first sundae of the season - hot fudge on coffee ice cream - my favourite at Thomson's in Clyde River. Home to unpack groceries, Larry to finish the roof on his woodshed, me to housework and some yard work. Luck would have it Glenn and Peter stopped by on their way from trouting and invited us for supper.
 A Willet at Sherose Island, low tide, he blends in and was quite a ways from me.

 Male (black & white) and female Common Eiders.
 They were by the causeway.
 I think the gulls were surfing.
 I always like this view when I'm at the beach by the Causeway.
 Part of the Fishway by the Barrington Woolen Mill.
 Cormorants or commonly called Shags were in the area.
 A better view of the Fishway.
Ferns are beginning to come alive.

Enjoy your day!

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