Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 142 - 22nd May 2013 - Blossoms and Birds

Wednesday and I'm off with a day of rotten weather I'm sure! Looks wet and miserable til Sunday/Monday. I could become mold by then!! Today is also thunder and lightning so that means I'll have Lexi crawling the walls - it all just sucks. It's going to be another day of inside, well I'm sure I can rattle around and find some stuff to do, what I really want is some outside time. I know I'll get it walking Lexi but won't be quite as good in a rain storm. My little rant for the morning, oh well guess I'll find something that should be done - there's always the should do and want to do - looks like today will be a should do.
So I kept telling myself yesterday that it was Tuesday, but it really felt like a Monday so I referred to it as Tuesday with Monday overtones! Interviews went well, student hired. Tough job, students were all good and it's hard to turn anyone down but we can only afford one for the summer. Anyway she starts in June, the other hang up is our funding is only for 10 weeks - wish the days of 16 weeks of summer funding were still around but they are long gone. The weather is looking really blah all week, the best I could do last night after supper was a quick run (in rain drops) and some blossoms. The rest have come from finer days.
 Since we only have them for a short time each year might as well take advantage of the apple blossoms.
 Something on the wild side.
More apples.

A dismal looking lake view.

 The Northern Parula...
 Hopefully I'll see him again soon.
Can't forget the little ones, Larry saw them yesterday morning and we still have 4.

Enjoy your day!

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