Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 140 - 20th May 2013 - Gone to the Birds!

Guess I've slept in this morning as well. All that fresh air yesterday I thought I'd have slept like a log but was restless during the night, tossing and turning. I'm off but since they are giving rain starting this morning will be mostly an inside day. Will do some baking this morning, have a roast out to cook later for supper. Other than that not sure what kind of trouble Lexi and I will get into.
Another nice day on Sunday, warmer than Saturday and not quite as windy. The wind helps to deter the flies which make me happy when I'm out roaming around looking for birds. Larry and Lexi noticed that the Royal Couple had arrived back home in the morning, unfortunately it appears we have one less baby - the cruel side of nature. Larry spent until early afternoon in the wood pile - cutting, splitting and putting away in the woodshed for next winter. I got a few chores done around the house and went in search of birds, found a Yellow Warbler and a Northern Parula (warbler as well) over near the lake. Later in the afternoon I had them both in our you think I'm the pied piper of the bird world? No comments on that - and girlfriend you know who you are! Actually I think I'm beginning to get over some of my long time fear of birds or at least I can handle one on one. A drive to Upper Clyde after supper - Larry and Lexi visited with friends and I got to roam on my own. Saw a few birds. When I got home I saw more in the apple trees. It's been a big weekend for my list - had to update it last night.
On their rock, babies are just near the other side of mom out of sight and  dad is in protective mode.
 Northern Parula.
 They were naughty babies, jumped of the rock and had to be scolded, unfortunately we only have four now.
 The Northern Parula arrived in our apple trees later in the day.
 Both a Northern Parula and a Yellow Warbler.
 Yellow Warbler - those apple trees are sure popular.
 A Hawk in Upper Clyde - someone has suggested Broadwing.
 Tree Swallow on the left and Barn Swallow on the right.
 Porcupine - glad Lexi didn't follow me. Although she's almost 5 years old and has steered clear of those she's met.
American Redstart in another of our apple trees.

Coffee time. Enjoy your day!

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