Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 134 - 14th May 2013 - The Royal Babies and other birds.

Tuesday, feels a bit chilly this morning, temperature is +6.8. Suppose to be showers later today. Off to work, lots to do. We had a good day yesterday and accomplished quite a lot, am hoping today will be the same. Wonder what I'll see today, it's a fabulous time of year when each day there is something new being born or blooming, etc.
So Monday was a fab day...or at least when I got home it was! Larry and Lexi spotted William and Kate with the Royal Brood which sent me crashing through the woods to the lake for photos. Lois and I are now grandmothers - or at least we like to think we are. Shovelled supper into me and headed to exercise class, but before going I was on the deck and the hummingbirds came in to greet me. No pictures of those yet but will come in the next few days I'm sure. I'm still chasing a Yellow bellied Sapsucker who refuses to pose for a photo but he's spending a lot of time in the lilac bush so I live in hope. Cindy was off to her son's graduation so Karen led us last night in class ( don't say anything but she's as bad as Cindy - made us work hard and sweat!).
Five little babies and they are so cute!
On their way to show Lois the babies. From there we think they headed over to visit their Aunt Myrna.

 The female Purple Finch
 The Solomon Seal has really taken a jump as well as the hostas.
 Two turtles are sunbathing on the rock in the foreground.
 One of the Dock Street Mallards.
The Nuthatch stops by frequently.

Enjoy  your day!


  1. So you had the exclusive press pass and not a full blog of photos lol I could tell from the first sentence that you couldn't wait to announce the Royal Birth. Lol. It was like you were curbing your excitement lol...wait for it wait for it...lol I had VIsions of you crashing through the woods so gracefully with your camera bling draped around your neck for a photo op.. Hello national inquirer! Thank you for making my day ;)