Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 136 - 16th May 2013 - Flowers, Birds and Babies

Thursday and drizzly this morning, suppose to clear by noon. The house feels real chilly too so Larry has built a fire - his seedlings will be happy this morning. Lots to get done today at work, although most every day feels that way doesn't it. I can see some progress being made,now so long as a lot more new stuff doesn't pile on top for a while I'll be fine. Back to town this evening for a talk, sounds interesting but I do dislike having to go back to town.
Another great Wednesday. Weather was fine, a little cool but kept the flies away so that couldn't be more perfect.  Some housework done, cinnamon rolls made, casserole for supper and roaming around the hood with my camera and Lexi. Got some more shots of the Royal family, finally got the Sapsucker to stay still and a few other creatures. We have a problem with squirrels in the feeders though, both feeders had squirrels, which made the birds really unhappy. Also seems to me that Harriett and Coven, the Bluejays and the Mourning Doves are eating way too much and hogging the suet as well. Not sure what the solution to this problem is.
 A little morning dew and bling.
 I can see a tail and a butt sticking out so not sure if someone is nesting here or not.
Rhodora in the morning light.

 The precious little babies.
 Larry's Chestnut tree is beginning to leaf out.
 Harriett and her attitude!
 Chippy was a bad boy yesterday and got into this feeder.
Had to get Larry to switch feeders, Mr. Hummingbird kept turning up his nose at the white flowers and refused to eat from them. Another bird with attitude!
 Keeping a close watch.
 Sticking close to Mom.
We are not sure what this one is, maybe an Alder Flycatcher.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. OMG they are so regal!! What's up with no Grandmother's Journal, I thought I was very explicit with my request ughhhhh long drive to Halifax would have been nice to have a little hug from Grandmother!!!Gotta say Harriet is showing a little attitude....where have I seen that before lol. How about the Mike Duffy story....that infuriated me this morning especially when they DFO would not reimburse us for the environmental clean up of the boat that they seized and had us haul out. Little buggars(would like to insert some profanity here) ironic that the Federal Gov. can refuse to pay a legitamite invoice yet pay for Mike Duffy by the looks of him he has been in the trough alot!! Sorry my little rant for the day. You have a wonderful day and gt a few more photos of the Royal Family will ya :) OH AND TO TOP IT OFF THERE WERE NO CINNAMON ROLLS....