Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 148 - 27th May 2013 - Sunrises, Cats and Birds

Here we are back at Monday again, can't believe the weekend goes by so darn fast! Not raining at the moment but not sure how long that will last, anyway it's not worth talking about I'm sure. I would like to have a fine day on Wednesday when I'm off. Hopefully we can get lots of stuff cleared up at the office today, the last week for my student so we'll try to put a drive on and finish a few things up. Exercise class tonight.
Glad I caught the sun early yesterday morning (5:45 am) as it came and went throughout the day - out, then clouds and some light rain seemed to be our Sunday. Not a great day for photos although I did try several times. Around 8 am I headed out around the hood, had a great walk but didn't see much, heard birds but they all seemed to be high in the trees and I couldn't find them. Roamed through a few neighbours yards - think they were still in bed, but I'm quiet and just check out the lake and area. So hopefully no one much minds. By the time I got back the family had arrived and Larry took them to the hall for the monthly breakfast. Had a great visit with them and caught up, enjoyed a game of cards, had some lunch and then they were off to Sherose Island for baseball. Ian left with tins of treats which should hold them for a few days or at least til they got home. We'll have him down some weekend so he and Larry can go trouting.
 The sun was breaking through.
 Been several weeks since I've caught it.
 Someone I met on my travels yesterday morning, I see she has a bell on her neck.
 The flag of summer.
 Ellie and I walked together for a while. She's the neighbour's dog.
Larry got my birdbath put together while I was gone.

Not a great photo but apparently this female Hairy Woodpecker thinks our deck posts are tasty. The link below is great for distinguishing between Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers:

Taking it easy on the fence.

Enjoy your day!

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