Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 141 - 21st May 2013 - Birds and WIldflowers

Back to work this morning, looks like a chance of rain today. I'm a little annoyed - weather was giving a few fine days now it's all rain  - ugh! Lots to do, student interviews this morning, then will have to catch up on work, etc this afternoon. At least it feels nice and mild, temperature is +8.5 being better than the last few mornings.
Monday was a wet, cold miserable day for the end of the long weekend. I know it gave me a chance to do inside stuff but I would really have preferred to be outside under the apple trees spying on birds. We did get a little break after lunch and Lexi and I made a dash around the hood with the camera - Painted Trillium are now in bloom, it amazes me how quick everything pops open! Exercise class last night - another evening of pain and sweat.
Even during some rainy days the chickadees are faithful for a photoshoot.
 I did spy the Myrtle Warbler in the Apple Trees, could hear some others but too rainy to go out and see. Had to shoot from the kitchen window.
 The Painted Trillium has bloomed, one of my favourite wild flowers.
 Strangling the apple blossoms is my Wisteria  which will soon be in bloom too by the looks this. The flowers are breathtaking - like big bunches of purple grapes hanging down.
 Lilacs are almost open. Mr & Mrs Evening Grosbeak are hanging out here too.
I think it's a female Hairy Woodpecker.

 By tomorrow the Clintonia (also called Bluebeard Lily) should be in full bloom.
The hummingbirds have settled in or at least the males have - defending their territory!

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