Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 133 - 13th May 2013 - Flowers and Wet Birds

It's Monday once again, doesn't seem fair to me that you can have two rain days off and once the weather breaks you go back to work. Seems to me that bed could have kept me for at least another hour too but I dragged myself away.  Lots of work to do this week, have a couple of things that I really want to finish up. Note I say a couple of things - there are lots more just think that if I can clear a couple of old things off my list each week I can soon be caught up. Trying to get too much done, I get interrupted and get nothing done.
What can I say about Sunday but wet, wet, wet. Mostly an inside day, did some work around the house, visited my Mom for Mother's Day and took her a hanging begonia. She really doesn't have much yard room anymore for things to plant but enjoys a few hanging baskets on the verandah. Took a few minutes to think about the women in our family that are no longer with us and thought that I have a little bit of each of them so they will never really be gone. Became a natural redhead again - although I never ever really was but enjoy the color. One of the traits passed down from my mother and her mother is salt and pepper hair as we age, it's truly the one thing I dislike that they have given me but I can fix it. I know it's vain but... Larry cooked a turkey so we are good for leftovers most of this week. I spent some time before supper moving  more photos from my laptop to disks, freeing up a bit more space.
 I guess nothing can kill Lupins, they have come through from the new gravel etc they put on the sides of the road last fall.
 Bunchberry in bloom.
Canada Mayflower almost in bloom.

 Felt bad for the birds - they were really soaking wet. Purple Finch.
 Hairy Woodpecker.
 Chickadee checking out the new suet.
 and more rain.
More little fellow - so wet.

Um...wonder if there is anything left in that feeder?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Yes i must agree you have a little of each of the great women who I also had the pleasure of knowing. It was a day of reflection of the many women who whether they be biological or not that have left an imprint in our hearts and minds. Like you I have stuff to clean up and will do my best. The weeks go by quickly and the weekends faster ....poor little wet birds ha ha