Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 149 - 2th May 2013 - Lilacs, Grandmother's Journal and Northern Parula

Sun looks nice coming up there this morning, even if it is a little on the reddish side. Looking forward to crossing some more things off my list today. A good Monday - lots accomplished, the weather was so - so, a little on the nippy side and wet at times but warmer to come this week. Exercise class last night - another good workout which finally warmed me up; I was cold all day. Larry built a fire last night hopefully we won't have to make many more.
Thought I'd better check out Grandmother since it's been a while:
28th May 1974 - Trees just hanging. Our drive to bridge, hanging in snow. Must have been 3 inches. Snowed and rained all day. Still on some at 6 o'clock. Still raining. High wind and cold. Worrying about garden and fruit trees. Some were ready to break into bloom. Mother and I to Vocational School, last time to have our hair done. Sorry to see them close for good I understand. Bob and Bobbie to Bridgewater to get tractor mower. Home in early afternoon. Latest date for much snow in history. 
29th May 1974 - To town early as usual. Sun came out this morning. Snow in fields early. Everything well wetted now. Overcast this evening. Bob had new mower going tonight. Kim here. 
So no more complaining  about the weather - it could be worse!
 Lupins are wet with rain, a few sunny days and they will soon be in bloom.
 Lots of dark clouds over the harbour yesterday.
 You'll have to indulge me, I spent some time with this Northern Parula while I was waiting for the girls to pick me up last evening.
 I think he's lovely among the apple blossoms.

 The longer I stayed the closer he got.

Lilacs just need a day of sun.

Coffee time - Enjoy your day!

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  1. Yes it could always be worse. Thanks for a little Grandmother today. Now I know you are a witch or mind reader! Had yo do a double take on the lupin leaves lol. OSBBJ when you creep the hood God knows what other greenery might be discovered lol. JK. Have a great day ;)