Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 143 - 23rd May 2013 - Chippy and Birds - Another Rainy Day

Today and tomorrow I'm catching a ride to work with Larry which means I'm in almost an hour earlier than normal. Makes for a long day but gives me a bit of quiet time to get things together. Clocks were flashing when we got up so I'm assuming the power was out at some point. Lexi appears a bit hyper so it may have been thunder and lightning as well.
Not sure how many more of these very dreary wet days I can take. Yesterday, I did take some time to catch up with a friend on the phone, it was good to talk to her, been a month or more since we've touched base and caught up. Chatting with her is always a good thing. I had a big paragraph - more of a rant about the weather but even I couldn't stand it so thought I would spare you all. Lexi and I did get out a couple of times - she wasn't thrilled anymore than I but we went. Tossed together a casserole for supper tonight and tomorrow night, did some laundry and other mundane things. Did smoked fish with egg sauce, mashed potatoes and peas. Whenever I make egg sauce it brings back memories of going to Cape Island with Edwin and Karen after church many years ago to her parents for Sunday dinner. Often we would have fish with egg sauce. I don't ever remember Mom making it to put on baked fish so it might have been something more familiar in that part of the county.
 The return of Chippy - well I like to think so. Unfortunately poor little Chippy fell in a bucket of water a few days ago and drowned. I was delighted to see him back today.
 The female Purple Finches didn't look too happy today - something about the rain has a bad effect on  their hairdos.

Harriett and Co. aren't too pleased about the weather either.

 The Flicker was picking buttercups for his lady.
 Nice to see Goldfinches back again.
 The female Purple Finch was shaking the rain off.
Little Nuthatch doesn't look like he's having a great day either.

Time for coffee. Enjoy  your day!

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  1. Chippy lol I have a bunch of buckets to bring up ;) glad you curbed your enthusiasm for the rain lol as I see the birds are showing their displeasure as well. I need my head examined some of these feathered creatures are kind of cute